Hotels and tourist destinations

How to sell your services?

How to make your site more attractive?

Here’s the solution!

In hotel industry service providers face fierce competition for clients and markets.
How to make it more interesting?

With our new development you can make potential customers surfing on the web a nice experience showing your sites, services and surrounding POI and other attractions.

Make it different! Promote yourself on the web in a very attractive way!

Device presentation:

FORTE GeoMeter is a panoramic survey instrument, a hungarian invention, which can easily and efficiently record a construction and neighbours by making a series of 360deg panoramic pictures.

After agreement we survey by feet, by car, by bike, by boat etc. the predefined paths using the instrument recording all selected sites, buildings. The pictures than can be viewed and analysed in the office making a virtual tour. You can measure on the pictures or set the geographical coordinates of the object. The coordinates are included automatically in the maps and can be exported to other systems. In this way the whole invironment can be documented, measured and digitalized in one tour.

You can go through continuously, looking around 360deg anywhere and zooming interesting details

From the created data you can build 2 virtual tours:

1. You can go through step by step on the path looking around 360deg and zooming interesting details.

2. You can start playing function to walk through by stopping in predefined points, look around, zoom in automatically on building details or entrance to attract the viewers, possible buyers

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